i have been really into the whole nautical thing lately…i think its cause i live near the water.  regardless, i cant seem to resist some navy blue and white stripes!  the other night i was looking at dresses online because i’m thinking i’ll be wearing more dresses and skirt this summer rather than shorts.  i am loving dresses right now especially because they take all the guess work out of getting dressed.  rather than putting an “outfit” together you can just throw a dress on and you’re done.  plus they really are just so comfy.  anyway, as i was looking at dresses i wondered if i could figure out how to make one.  so i googled it, watched a couple youtube videos, went to the fabric store and spent about 7 dollars and this is what i came up with! no patterns or anything, i LOVE that!

i think it turned out pretty darn cute for the first dress i ever made!  it only took me a couple hours, mostly because there were a few incidences where a seam ripper was necessary, hah.

here is the link to the main video i used to make this, super easy, really!

this is my 100th post!  i wish it was about something meaningful or super cool but i do love holiday decorations so i guess it’s ok :)

my aunt sent me a package a couple months ago full of goodies she cleared out of her craft supplies.  one of the things she included was patterns for fabric wreaths.  i love that because i haven’t been able  to find a styrofoam wreath or any other sort of wreath, for that matter, and i have just really been wanting to make a wreath for some reason!  anyway, one of the patterns had bunnies and birds on it so i thought it would be perfect for easter.  of course i had to fudge my way through it because the pattern called for felt and jumbo ric-rac .  the felt i can get but the colors are limited and the quality is not so good.

i used denim (wrong side out) for the main fabric.  then i made the project significantly more time consuming by applying fabric to my felt appliques.  this meant i had to cut out each shape like five times…i guess that doesn’t sound THAT bad but it felt like it took forever.

the bunnies are just so cute.

then the project got even more time consuming because for some reason the  pattern called out to ladder stitch around the appliques after they had been applied to the wreath fabric.  the fact that i added fabric and fusible webbing to the felt made it, well, painful to apply the ladder stitch!  i love how it framed out the appliques though so it was definitely worth it.

i got this little stuffed chick at target last year?  so so cute.  how i miss target.

this is another one of martha’s wonderful free downloads.  you can get a hen and some chicks for yourself here.  i didn’t have any brilliant inspiring ideas i just printed them on ivory paper, cut them out and stuck them in a basket with some paper grass.  pretty darn cute and zero effort.

i have been wanting to do some embroidery hoop art for a LONG time.  i did a cross stitch one for christmas but i won’t get to enjoy that for a while so i thought i’d do one i could enjoy right now, something springy and colorful.  there are about a million ways to use embroidery hoops as art and i love all of them.  they have flooded the handmade blog community and yet, i haven’t gotten tired of seeing what other people come up with.  they are just SO cute!

for my first one i decided to do patchwork.  then i wanted to use this ribbon i have that’s painted with colorful little lady bugs.  i thought it would be fun to use small wooden clothes pins to attach my embellishments to the ribbon, plus it’s noncommittal so if i want to change it up a bit or add some little polaroids at some point i can.  love it.

i am officially addicted.  i want to make another one right now!  so much fun, and it only took a couple hours.  i used a piece of butcher paper and traced around the outside of the hoop.  then i sketched out how i wanted the patchwork to be, i wanted it to be skewed and varied.  then i layed the fabrics on top of the paper to help me visualize how they would interact.  it took me maybe a half hour to cut, sew and press. i popped it in the hoop and the longest step was just deciding which embellishments i wanted to use!  easy peasy.

a while back a shared with you that my aunt had sent me some of my grandma’s scraps of fabric.  these pieces of fabric are invaluable to me so i knew i had to do something special with them.  a couple years ago another one of my aunts showed me the cathedral window quilt she has been adding to for over 30 years.  i fell in love with the concept and decided that would be a really great way for me to preserve and enjoy these wonderful fabric scraps.

i googled it and found this tutorial from heyena in petticoats that was super helpful and easy to follow.  i didn’t have enough scraps to make an entire quilt so i just made a small wall hanging which i had framed.  it’s a good thing i decided to limit myself to just a wall hanging because it took me a whole 12 hours to do this 10 x 10 square!

i do LOVE how it turned out though, and i think my grandma would have too :)

this is a picture of my grandma i managed to snag somehow.  i don’t remember a lot of things about her but i do remember her standing like this from time to time :)

i’ve created  a new category for my etsy shop called “art for YOUR art”.  for now i just have pin cushions in there but i may branch out in to some other supplies for sewing and crafting eventually.  i had such a good time making the patchwork pin cushion for myself i thought they would be something i could “mass produce” without going crazy.  i may still have gone a little crazy but that was mostly because my craft room just really isn’t conducive to crafting at this point.  isn’t that terrible?  my desk is only big enough for the sewing machine (basically) so the ironing board kept ending up buried in stuff, so then i loved to the floor to do my cutting but the floors are marble and i dont have a rug in there.  finally i resorted to sitting on a pillow…i’ve got to remedy this situation asap.

buuut anyway, i persevered and got six pin cushions done, two of which were gifts so i have 4 for the shop just to see how it goes…unlike the headbands i don’t have much use for the pin cushions if they never sell, hah!  i haven’t listed them yet in my shop (that is the time consuming boring part) but here’s a sneak peak!  wouldn’t one of these be inspiring and uplifting sitting next to your sewing machine?

.the blues.

.pretty pink house signature.


.strawberry shortcake.

these aren’t in the pretty pink house just yet but here’s the link, juuuuust in case you still haven’t checked it out.

pretty pink house

look for these on etsy tomorrow!  side note: i finally found primo lighting in our apartment.  in the guest bedroom right by the window in the afternoon.  thank goodness!  the lighting in my craft room was killing my photography options!

since i got my sewing machine i have been feeling so antsy to buy fabric.  i have spent countless hours online finding patterns that i love but somehow, its just not as satisfying as going into a store and falling in love with the perfect print amongst a whole bunch of ugly ones.  let’s be honest, while there are a ton of amazing fabrics out there, there are just as many, if not more, reallllly ugly ones.  anyway, the problem is i live in the land of ugly fabrics.  going into a fabric shop is like stepping back in time.  i haven’t quite decided which decade best describes the types of patterns they sell here but i will tell you, it’s not the type of flash back that could be pulled off as cool and vintage.  oh no, it’s just, well, weird. the worst part is that most stores have a very limited selection of cotton fabrics.  the majority of the fabrics are chiffon or stain with huge patterns and lots of color.  there are some really pretty ones but not at all what i need for the kind of things i make.  my friend told me she knew of a shop that had a good selection of cotton fabrics and i have been wanting to go for ages and finally today it worked for us to go together.

it occurred to me that it would be awesome to take a picture of the fabric shops here so you have an idea what the experience is like.  you walk in and there are bolts and bolts of fabric rolled on tubes, the way the expensive designer fabrics are in the states.  but they aren’t on racks or anything they are just leaned up against the wall at least 6 rolls deep.  this is not ideal for viewing.  but hey i like the hunt.  my friend wasn’t lying, they had a pretty good selection, especially compared to other shops i’ve been in.  i had to dig deep but i found a bunch of fabrics to add to my stash and i only spent 26 bucks, which i thought was pretty good really.

i am so excited to have some new fabrics in my stash!!!

these will be great for patchwork pin cushions.  i should have a few of them in pretty pink house by the end of the month :)  i am excited about the pink pin stripe that is similar to the scraps i have from my moms doll clothes.

i die!  i am so in love with this fabric.  they had it in two other colors and then the clerk pulled this scheme out to show me and my friend and i both gasped, it was obvi the one for me.  now i just have to think of something amazing to do with it to do it justice lol.

of course, i am in love with the center fabric.  it reminds me of anna marie horner.  again, i need some brilliant inspiration for it.  i just might have a shirt made with it too.

i finally have all the technical stuff worked out with pretty pink house (click to check it out now!)  there is nothing new in there just yet.  i have to unpack my craft room and get organized first, hopefully tomorrow.  theeeen i can get to the fun part.  here’s what’s on my list for the shop:

*patchwork pin cushions*

*line drawing pottery pieces*

*small collage art*

*measuring tape headbands*

any other suggestions?!

this is another project inspired by something i saw on everkelly.  with all these projects ive been working on i discovered i really needed to get some essential tools organized.  the needles that came with my sewing machine were wrapped in little foil pouches and then placed in a paper envelope, the process of unwrapping and re-wrapping was driving me crazy, so i wanted to have them out where they were more easily accessible.  i also realized a little pair of scissors would be handy at the sewing machine and when i’m hand sewing.  for the clutch i used fabric from the lunch bag that i bought at the “dollar store” and some fabric that i already had.  i was also able to re-purpose some of the embellishments from the necklace i bought for the cuckoo clock.

so i bought the button here, but the chain with the black bead and the gold rose are from that necklace.

the back…

remember this super cute lunch bag?  i had no use for it as a lunch bag, so i used my handy dandy seam ripper and salvaged as much of the fabric as i could for the lining of the clutch.

i used gold cord to make a holder for my seam ripper and now i can’t find the stupid cap for it.  it’s literally driving me bonkers.  my craft room, however, is REALLY clean as a result!  the hand needles i bought came inserted into the piece of foam, so i just ripped it off the cardboard backing and hot glued it to the ultrasuede backing.  i used felt to reinforce the fabric because i don’t know where to get fusible interfacing here.

now all of my machine needles have their own spot.  i reinforced the pockets with felt also, so the needles and scissors wouldn’t poke through the fabric.  annnd i love my little gray scissors.  i am seriously hoping the seam ripper cap will come out from where ever it is hiding during the move!

happy weekend all :)

if you cant already tell, i am staying busy making things for my craft room.  one essential thing i needed was a pin cushion.  i had needled and pins laying on the desk, poked into the ironing board and coming out of spools of thread.  one needle fell onto the floor and i stepped on it, fortunately not very hard, but i decided enough is enough, i need to get organized.  i entertained quite a few different ideas.  i finally settled on a simple patchwork one made from scraps.  since i was feeling a little indecisive about what i want i think i’ll make a magnetic one too before i tackle a big project like a quilt, just so i have some options.  for now i think this will be great, and so lovely to look at :)

the yellow fabric is vintage, i think it was my grandma’s.  the pink fabric is also vintage, my aunt used to make doll clothes for my mom when she was a girl.  the green fabric is from a lunch bag that i bought at the dollar store, solely for the purpose of using the fabric – im tellin ya, i have to work for my creativity! aren’t my pinking sheers fun?!  can’t believe i found them here, and for a good price.  also love the color wheel of pearl pins :)

i love red violet.  this fabric is left over from a quilt i made in high school.  the pink and green bakers twine is from a package by making memories.

the crocheted detail is from a shirt that got ruined by the ridiculously hard water here, so sad, but im glad i could re-purpose it!  i lined the patch work with felt to re-enforce the thin fabrics.

i was in serious need of a garbage can, i found this japanese one at the “dollar store”, loving the mushrooms.

another project i am working on is a little clutch for my sewing needles.  i made a slot to put my seem ripper in there and now i can’t find the stupid cap for for it!  its driving me crazy…seriously.  as soon as i find it i’ll post some pictures of the completed clutch.

hope you’re having a great week!

my sewing machine didnt come with a case and it gets crazy dusty here so i figured i better make something to protect it a lil.  i looked around online at different patterns buuut they all seemed kinda involved and they required batting or interfacing or muslin and well, i just haven’t figured out where to buy those things here so i went the quick and easy route.

my friend summer gave me this ah-mazing amy butler fabric (left) and then i backed it with vintage fabric (right) i got from my aunt, then i used this american crafts ribbon for the ties.  the best ribbons are in the scrapbook section, for sure!

i used to have a pashmina scarf on my desk to cover up some damage but i found that when i was sewing the fabric would stick to it and it just got in the way.  no i have strategically placed the sewing machine on top of the damage so i dont have to look at it lol.

i measured my sewing machine, roughly traced out the dimensions on the fabric (paying close attention to the pattern so my favorite part would be front and center), pinned a few pieces of ribbon in place, sewed it up and done!  this is my kind of project, quick and easy.